Namewee recently had everybody speculating, after he took to Instagram Story to accuse someone of raping his female friend.

On 15 January, the Malaysian singer-songwriter posted a series of accusations on the social media platform, saying that a particular person violated his friend without wearing a condom, adding that the said person would have been put behind bars if caught in their home country.

He added that posting about it doesn’t mean that they weren’t going to report the issue, but that they are going to wait for the right time.

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Who is Namewee accusing?

In another post, Namewee said that his said friend only wanted to meet her idol, but instead was treated in the most heinous way.

“What would you do if she got pregnant? How old is she? Is it difficult to go out with a condom in your wallet? Is it difficult to pull out?” he asked.

As to why the woman did not go to the police quickly after the incident, he wrote, “Do you think that if she calls the police, or holds a press conference in the newspaper, will the idiot fans of [that person] believe her? Will the general public believe her? Or will they put the blame on her?”

He also had everybody guessing that the singer in question is a Hong Kong artiste who is well-known in mainland China, after criticising the man in Cantonese for betraying his birth place for money, and that the man would be put behind bars and “become roommates with Toothpick” if he was caught in his motherland.

Namewee’s posts have led to a lot of speculations online about who he is talking about. There could be more information coming to light soon.

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Namewee’s rant and accusation leave a lot of question marks

(Photo Source: Namewee IG)