After decades of being the golden bachelor, Michael Tong recently revealed that he is now in a relationship.

The 53-year-old “Heart and Greed” actor, who spoke to the media at a Lunar New Year event recently, stated that his girlfriend is a mainlander of whom he has been dating for the past few years.

“She is near my age. We are planning to get married, but we will let you know when that happens,” he said.

Asked if he has brought his girlfriend to see his mother, Michael said, “She didn’t come to Hong Kong with me. I will bring her to see my mother later.”

“My mother is doing fine. She never urged me to marry or to give her grandchildren. She told me to decide on my own life. The most important thing is that I am happy and I find a companion to grow old together,” he said.

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The actor had been single for many years

(Photo Source: Michael Tong IG)