Following rumours of split between him and Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon finally admitted to the breakup on social media.

In a series of Instagram Story posts that he deleted hours later, McCoy apologised to those affected by the breakup, and denied that the private conversations that had been circulated online to be between him and another woman.

“A third party is not the main reason for our breakup. Please believe me. It wasn’t my intention to hurt others or to cheat. It just came to the point where the problem was too heavy for me that I gave up,” he wrote.

Prior to the posts, McCoy posted a photo of him and daughter Felize, and a long post saying that she is the reason for living and that she would one day understand.

However, he later edited the post and left only the message, “Always remember that I love you so much.”

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McCoy with his girl

Rumours of the couple’s breakup sparked back in December, when both parties seemed to be celebrating Christmas separately based on their social media photos.

McCoy was later accused by netizens of cheating on Elisse when a photo of him acting chummy with a social media influencer went viral online.

Elisse and McCoy started dating after meeting on “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7” back in 2016. The two, who broke up in 2018, surprised many by announcing that they have welcomed a child in November 2021, saying that daughter Felize was born in April the same year.

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Elisse and McCoy share daughter Felize who was born in April last year