Louis Cheung couldn’t help but feel moved that he was named Best Actor for the first time by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

The actor, who won for his performance in “The Narrow Road”, stated that he is thankful to all the Chak (his character’s name) that he has run into in his life.

“Many people have done a lot of good things for me, making me believe that this world has Chak. I hope through this character, I was able to show that every one of us can become Chak. In the end I believe, we would always have the right to choose what kind of people we would become, no matter what kind of world we are in,” he expressed.

Louis also said that the win motivates him to work even harder to become a good actor.

Wife Kay Tse also took to social media to congratulate the actor, writing, “Dear Mr. Cheung, you have always been a good actor that I respect and love. You played your part to tell a good story, silently working hard in service of the character, Generous and attentive, you diligently show the audience the world behind the story and the vision of the screenplay.”

In Lam Sum’s “The Narrow Road”, Louis plays Chak, a cleaning company owner who struggles to keep it afloat. The film held its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in August last year.

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Wife Kay Tse congratulates him for the win

(Photo Source: Kay Tse IGLouis Cheung IG)