Liza Soberano recently revealed that she has moved to Los Angeles in order to focus on building her career in Hollywood.

The actress, who appeared on Fil-Am makeup artist Patrick Starr’s YouTube channel, shared with the YouTuber that she never actually announced her departure prior to the said interview.

“But that’s just because it is much easier to build my career if I am out here because they are always looking for in-person meetings and it’s just hard to book the job when you’re meeting people over Zoom. They can’t really tell what your personality is like and they can’t see what you actually look like,” she said.

Liza also stated that her dream is to become a “world-class actress” and at the same time start her music career.

“I signed with a music label in the Philippines called Careless and I’m also signed to a music label here in LA called Transparent Arts which is owned by the Far East Movement boys. They are really immersing me in the music industry. I have been training a lot here. I’ve been taking vocal lessons, acting,” she said.

When asked what kind of music that she likes, Liza stated that she prefers K-pop “but a little edgier”, saying that she is not a ballad queen.

As to what she planns for 2023, she said, “My goal is really to just become my own person because for so many years I was in a love team and that’s mainly what I was known for or like I was attached to so many different brands. I never was able to build up my own personal branding. I feel like this year and the next few years, it is all about figuring out what I really want to do with my career and personally finding out what excites me, what fuels my passion.”

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