Kira Shi has recently dismissed rumours that she is in a relationship.

As reported on Sina, tabloids recently shared photos of the “Parallel Love” actress acting chummy with a man at the dinner table, and went home together after a meal.

It alleged that the other person is her new man.

In response to the rumour, Kira posted a message on social media on 29 January and wrote, “Don’t worry. I haven’t stopped working. I had dinner with my girlfriends. Don’t just look at a girl with short hair and call her little fresh meat.”

Little fresh meat is a Chinese Internet buzzword used to describe handsome young men.

“If I get married one day in the future, I will announce it. Remember to come to the scene to shoot,” he added.

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The actress has no time for your nonsense

(Photo Source: Kira Shi Weibo)