Kenny Kwan recently came to old music partner Steven Cheung’s defence, after it was rumoured that the latter is experiencing marital woes yet again.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was asked about the latest issue concerning Steven’s wife Man Man accusing the BOYZ member of being lazy and irresponsible, stated that every family has its own issues.

“Not everything will go well all the time. I also have times when I’m feeling lazy. A father should be responsible and I am confident that he can do it. In the New Year, everybody should live in peace and harmony,” he said.

Kenny and Steven were part of BOYZ

Earlier this week, Man Man took to Instagram Story to express her frustration, seemingly towards Steven, for his inability to fulfil his responsibility as a father.

“You said you’re not feeling well and you’re going to sleep. Okay, now I’m going to do the work, the boy has to go to the hospital at two o’clock. Just asking you to feed them, change their clothes. At half past one, you were still stuck in bed,” she posted.

“I really can’t stand it any longer. I don’t understand how people like you survive.”

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Steven and Man Man welcomed their third child in June last year

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung IG , Kenny Kwan IG, ST Headline)