Although it’s been almost one and a half years since she gave birth to her first son, Jennifer Shum stated that she is still not ready to make her comeback.

As reported on Mingpao, the former TVB artiste, who attended an event with good friend Tracy Chu on 14 January, told the media that she hasn’t return to the small screen for over two years since she got pregnant and gave birth to her son.

“My TVB contract expired a year ago. I wanted to concentrate on taking care of my son Preston at the time, so I decided not to renew it,” she said.

Preston is now 16 months old.

Asked if she is ready to return, the actress stated that she will work again when the right time comes.

As to whether she wants another child, Jennifer said that she will wait until her son is much older.

On the other hand, Tracy, who has been married for three years, stated that she has a family plan and is not in a hurry to have a baby.

“If I am to become a mother in the future, I will continue to work and not give up my career,” Tracy added.

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Jennifer and Tracy are best buds with Angel Chiang and Roxanne Tong

(Photo Source: Jennifer Shum IG, Tracy Chu IG)