Amid ongoing rumours of trouble in paradise, Jacky Heung finally went online to assure that all is well in the family.

The actor and son of film producer Charles Heung and his wife Tiffany Chen took to social media on wife Bea Hayden’s birthday after months of silence to share a photo of them and their small family.

“Happy birthday. I love you, wife,” he captioned it.

Netizens seemed to be taken aback by the sudden declaration, seeing that Jacky hasn’t been seen with the family since he was rumoured to have cheated on Bea.

Rumours of a crack in their marriage also was fuelled by his absence from photos at his daughter’s birthday, his son’s 100th day banquet, or even at Charles’ birthday party.

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Jacky was seen celebrating Bea’s birthday
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The actor was not seen at his daughter’s birthday party earlier

(Photo Source: Jacky Heung IG, SINA)