Although she plays a small role in Donnie Yen’s “Sakra”, Grace Wong recently admitted that she is elated to be given the opportunity to work with the superstar.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the charity premiere of the movie recently, stated that she was a little flattered to be cast in “Sakra”, despite the minor role, as it was part of the many things she has been trying since leaving TVB.

“I asked Donnie for some advice. He taught me some tricks, which enabled me to approach the role more uniquely,” she said.

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Grace was happy to be approached by Donnie Yen

In a previous interview, Grace said that the most memorable part of filming the movie was the first day of work, when Donnie approached her and told her that he saw her in the dance competition she participated in back in 2021 and admired her.

“I was very moved because it had been a long time since a senior said they admired me,” she added.

She also expressed her excitement on social media after the premiere, writing, “Watching the movie for the very first time, seeing all the scenes we shot for months in 40C weather in the middle of the pandemic was immense and filled my heart with so many emotions.”

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The actress appeared at the charity premiere of ‘Sakra’

(Photo Source: Grace Wong IG)