Gin Lee recently announced that she is now part of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG).

As reported on Mingpao, the Malaysian singer, who left Universal last year, shared that she has been communicating with various record labels, but felt that EEG was the sincerest among all.

“The most important thing is that we both have the same future direction and philosophy,” she said.

Asked about the amount EEG was willing to pay her, Gin simply said that she was satisfied, not because of the remuneration, but of the things they have to offer.

The singer, who also released her first single “Dum Dum” since inking a deal with EEG, stated that the freedom to create was one of the reasons why she signed the contract.

“The new company gives me a lot of freedom, especially in my music and image. They completely trust me, which makes me feel very comfortable. I can cooperate with many different music units. I also finally got the opportunity to cooperate with lyricist Wyman [Wong],” she enthused.

Gin then stated that she hopes that she will be able to cooperate with different artistes of the company in the future, be it in music or movies.

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Gin’s single ‘Dum Dum’ drops this week

(Photo Source: Gin Lee IG)