Despite its box office numbers, serious allegations and rumours regarding Zhang Yimou’s new movie, “Full River Red” have not stopped.

On 26 January, the official Weibo of the movie issued a statement, following the many accusations of box office fraud, capital manipulation, ghost screenings, plagiarism, and many others, stating that it has filed lawsuits against those who accused it of such.

They stated that some users have recently fabricated false information about the movie through online platforms and seriously endangering the legitimate rights and interests of the film, which is why they have now decided to file the lawsuit.

Prior to that, the movie’s official blog posted several statements in response to the controversy, saying that all the accusations were fake.

“Full River Red” was released on Lunar New Year, becoming one of the highest grossing CNY movies in China by making RMB 2.92 billion in just seven days.

On the other hand, one of the parties sued by the movie producers took to Weibo and posted, “I am flattered that my Weibo post can attract the attention of the film crew. Prosecuting is a right, and responding to a lawsuit is a legal obligation. I believe that the film crew can respond to concerns and explain the truth with rigorous evidence during the trial. See you in court!”

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The movie has become Zhang Yimou’s biggest box office

(Photo Source: China Daily)