Rumours are rife that Fan Bingbing is ready to settle down, after fans noticed a huge ring on her finger in her latest social media post.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the 41-year-old actress recently went online to wish fans a Happy New Year. However, it was her huge ruby ring that attracted the most attention, with many speculating that Fan is hinting about her current status.

Back in June last year, Fan was rumoured to be dating a vice president of a mainland financial company, after photos of her and her companion circulated online.

The man was seen acting chummy with the actress and was even seen hugging her shoulders during a family gathering, though awkward with Fan’s brother and Nine Percent member Fan Cheng Cheng.

Fan’s last known romance was with actor Li Chen, whom she was engaged to in 2017. The two broke off the engagement amid Fan’s tax evasion scandal in 2018, with the actress saying that the scandal implicated Li, who did nothing wrong.

“I still think he is a very good person, someone who is worthy of my respect, which is why we are still very good friends and I wish him the best in the future,” she said.

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The ruby ring attracted fans’ attention

(Photo Source: Fan Bing Bing Weibo, Fan Bing Bing IG)