Elena Kong couldn’t help but burst into tears when she was named Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

The actress, who won for her performance in the series, “Get On a Flat”, stated in her speech that she never expected to win as she has no exclusive contract with TVB – seeing that the company used to only award their contracted artistes.

Elena bested other contenders that include her co-star Nina Paw, Alice Chan, Jeannie Chan and Selena Li.

Speaking to the media afterwards, the actress said that she thought that it was either Nina or Alice who would get the award, especially the latter, who is contracted with the broadcaster.

“I would also thank all the other actors in the series, who enabled me to win this. It is not a one-person job. I have to thank them all, she added.

This is the first Best Actress award for Elena, who won Best Supporting Actress in 2013 for “”Triumph in the Skies II”. Back in 2018, the actress changed the nature of her contract with TVB to be able to expand her talent outside Hong Kong.

Joel Chan and Elena are TV King & Queen

(Photo Source: Elena Kong IG, Mingpao)