Since nobody seems to believe that Dilraba Dilmurat is not pregnant, the actress recently decided to go on livestream to show that she is indeed having no bun whatsoever in her oven.

The actress seemed to intentionally pick a bodysuit that she paired with a baggy denim jeans for a recent livestream event to prove that she is not pregnant, as she shared several updates with her fans.

Admitting that she has been at her happiest throughout her seven-month break, Dilraba shared that her new drama, “Prosecution Elite” will be coming out soon. However, no release date has been shared.

Dilraba 1
‘See? I am not pregnant!’ seems to be the meaning behind this photo

At the same time, she revealed that she will soon begin filming a new mystery crime thriller, though the actress made no mention as to the title of the project.

However, many speculated that Dilraba will be starring in “Female Criminal Police Captain (working title) alongside Zhu Yawen.

Rumours of Dilraba’s pregnancy sparked late last year, after netizens noticed that she has been sharing only upper body photos. It was further fuelled by the fact that she has been taking a break ever since the filming of “Prosecution Elite” completed early last year.

Dilraba 2
Nobody believed that this was a new photo when she shared it last week

(Photo Source: Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo)