A few days after revealing that she will be pursuing her studies abroad, singer Chantel Yiu recently bade farewell to fans and friends as she left Hong Kong for New Zealand.

On 24 January, the singer posted an Instagram Story where she was seen at the airport with one luggage in hand as her family and friends saw her off.

Chantel’s father confessed that he was reluctant to let his daughter leave, but that it’s a way for the singer to learn to be independent.

Speaking to the media about her departure, Chantel said, “Everyone knows that I am not very good at taking care of myself, which is one of the reasons why my parents sent me to study abroad, to take care of myself and handle everything on my own.”

Nonetheless, the singer stressed that this does not mean she is retiring from showbiz, as she will often return to Hong Kong and is planning to create vlogs about her life abroad. She is also set to release new songs this year.

“I hope to be stronger when I come back and become a better Chantel Yiu when I see you next time,” she added.

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Chantel hopes to be a better performer when she returns

(Photo Source: Chantel Yiu IG)