Arthur Chen’s fans are uniting when it comes to facing obsessed and ‘stalk-ish’ fans of the actor.

As reported on Sina, on 8 January, the actor’s fan club issued an announcement boycotting any kinds of obsessive behaviours, hoping that fans will follow their favourite actor rationally, keep a distance and to never cross the line.

The announcement also stated that non-working places such as hotels and airplane cabins are considered the artiste’s private space and should not be breached.

“We should give artistes enough rest time and respect their personal privacy. We have been doing our best to resist illegitimate behaviour, and the fans club does not encourage or promote such obsessive behaviour.”

Arthur Chen has been one of the rising stars of mainland China for the past few years, especially after playing the role of Duan Bowen in the 2017 drama, “Secret Fruit” and Yu Huai in 2019’s “My Best Summer”.

He is soon to be seen in the new movie, “Yesterday Once More” as well as the TV series, “Immortality”.

Arthur Chen
The actor’s fan club discourages stalking

(Photo Source: Arthur Chen Weibo)