Aaron Kwok is so ready to begin filming his new movie “The Ring Finger” (translated title) soon, and he doesn’t even care how much he is paid for it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor recently appeared at the launching ceremony of the movie project, saying that as someone who loves movies and supports the film industry, he doesn’t care much about how much he is paid.

In the movie, Aaron plays a squash player who had to give up his career to take care of his sick daughter.

“I already got in the mood when I was reading the script. It really touched me. As a father myself, playing such a role feels more realistic now than ever, but of course, I wouldn’t want what happens in the plot to happen to me in reality,” he said.

Asked if he thinks he might win Best Actor again with this role, Aaron said that he only focuses on doing his job well.

“Winning awards is not my business. If I get them, then I get them. Acting gives me the greatest pleasure. It is an interpretation of many different lives, which enriches mine,” he added.

The upcoming movie co-stars Gigi Leung, Xu Enyi and Nina Paw.

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Aaron with his co-stars; Gigi Leung, Xu Enyi and veteran actress Nina Paw

(Photo Source: HK01Mingpao)