First it was Zhang Xinyi, and now it’s “The Eternal Love” star Xing Zhaolin that is sharing his experience with COVID-19 with his fans.

On 13 December, the actor posted a video on his Weibo account, revealing that he tested positive for COVID-19 after realising that his high fever had not subsided.

“I didn’t go online a few days ago because I was infected with the coronavirus. I carefully recorded my daily health condition, hoping to give you a direct reference. A brief summary of the key points: Be sure to drink more water! Better than the flu but it’s still very uncomfortable, so daily protection should be done well. But there’s no need to panic!” he said.

He also revealed that he tested himself four times to see if he had COVID, and only got a positive result after the fever subsided.

Xing revealed that since he was tested positive, he had not lost his sense of taste, nor did he lose appetite. However, he was experiencing sore throat and could not talk too much.

He also said that he was advised by a traditional medicine practitioner to make himself a scallion and ginger stew to ease the symptoms and high temperature. After four days, his symptoms finally subsided.

Xing Zhaolin 2
The actor posted a video to share his COVID-19 experience and assures fans that he is fine

(Photo Source: Xing Zhaolin Weibo)