Jay Chou has drawn flak from a good number of Singaporean fans, who were unhappy with what they got when they attended his recent Carnival World Tour concert.

The singer, who posted a clip from the show on Instagram to express his elation for night one of the show on 19 November, found the comments filled with bad reviews from angry concertgoers instead.

One commenter stated that she was disappointed to see that the theme of the concert was similar to the one she attended three years ago, stating that Jay and his team had a lot of time to create a new theme after so long and did none.

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Some Singapore fans were unhappy with the overall show

Another listed several things that were deemed poor, including the problem with the sound system, the lack of interaction with the audiences, and the fact that Jay didn’t sing for long, forgot some lyrics, and failed to reach high notes.

Others also criticised the complimentary glowsticks that did not light up during the concert, and claimed that they were reused from the 2020 concert.

Some were also saying that while the team could just ignore it if the criticisms came from a few people, they need to step up their game since such comments came from a majority of audiences on night one of the show.

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Jay posted a pic of him in Singapore a few days prior to the concert

(Photo Source: Jay Chou IG)