Singaporean fans were not amused at all by the recent statement released by the organiser of Jay Chou’s Carnival World Tour regarding the issues concertgoers faced at the two-night show.

On 20 December, the organiser, G.H.Y Culture & Media took to social media to address the criticisms from day one of the concert, but only focused on the issue concerning the light sticks.

It is noted that fans previously expressed anger over the light sticks not working during the concert, with many claiming that the said light sticks were recycled from the last concert in 2020.

Denying that the light sticks were recycled, the company stated that the “20” reflected in the emblem refers to Jay’s “20 over years of making music”. It then added that some light sticks didn’t work as there were repeated rehearsals involving it.

The company then went on to say that fans can keep and reuse the light sticks by simply changing the batteries.

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Some Singapore fans were unhappy with the quality of Jay’s show

Following the explanation, netizens took to the comments to blast the company, saying that they were making things up. One fan stated that she had the exact same piece from the 2020 concert, while another stated that newly made light sticks wouldn’t have come with scratches.

Meanwhile, others slammed the company for only explaining about the light sticks when the complaints were numerous.

“Why are you talking about the light sticks when the biggest problem was the sound? Why was it so bad?” asked one Instagram user.

Another stated, “Who will use the light sticks after the concert? And honestly, it was the singing that was… forget it.”

It is noted that fans flooded Jay Chou’s Instagram after the previous concert, expressing their frustrations with the quality of the show. Many slammed the show for bad quality sound, Jay’s mediocre singing and failing to memorise lyrics, as well as the lack of encore performance and unnecessary magic performances.

One netizen jokingly asked, “Were you in a rush to return to your hotel to watch the World Cup final?”

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A fan shared a photo of the controversial light stick on social media

(Photo Source: Jay Chou IG, Devi Twitter)