Ryohei Suzuki is set to star in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the classic Japanese manga, “City Hunter”.

As reported on THR, the actor, known for movies and dramas like “Tokyo Dogs”, “Segodon” and “Last of Wolves”, will be playing the lead role of Ryo Saeba, a “sweeper” and private detective in Tokyo determined to rid the city of crime.

“I am thrilled to be playing Ryo Saeba and feel a great deal of responsibility to portray this beloved, legendary character created by Tsukasa Hojo,” said Ryohei. “I cannot wait for both existing fans as well as newcomers around the world to fall in love with Ryo Saeba and his fun, action-packed adventures around modern-day Tokyo.”

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‘City Hunter’ is Tsukasa Hojo’s manga series famous in the late ’80s

The upcoming project will be a “modern-day updated version of the manga, set in the bustling streets of Shinjuku”, according to Netflix.

The movie, to be helmed by Yuichi Sato, is scheduled for a 2024 launch on the streaming platform.

The manga has been adapted to TV and movies numerous times in the past by various productions, with actors like Hong Kong’s action star Jackie Chan, France’s Philippe Lacheau, and Korean actor Lee Min-Ho playing different versions of Ryo Saeba.

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Lee Min-Ho (right) played the character in the Korean version of ‘City Hunter’ in 2011

(Photo Source: IGN Japan, Cine21, MK)