Ruco Chan’s wife Phoebe Sin has recently denied rumours that she is pregnant with their second child.

The couple sparked such rumour recently, when Ruco posted a picture from a photoshoot, in which he is seen embracing Phoebe from the back, his hands set on her stomach.

Fans who saw the photo speculated that there is a new bun in the oven, further fuelled by the fact that Ruco previously stated that he wants another baby with Phoebe.

“No matter whether it’s a son or a daughter, my wife and I are open-minded,” he told the media.

Following too many congratulatory remarks on social media, the former Miss Hong Kong took to her Instagram to set things straight, saying that both Ruco and their 3-year-old daughter Quinta would like to have another addition to the family, but that it hasn’t happened yet.

“I want to get fit again. I hope to shoot in a beautiful [bikini] and then get [pregnant] again,” she added.

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Fans thought Phoebe is pregnant in this photo

(Photo Source: Phoebe Sin IG, Ruco Chan IG)