It was reported that the film remake of “My Date with a Vampire” had to temporarily halt production due to scheduling conflict and budgeting issue.

As reported on On CC, the news was confirmed by director Chan Sap Sam, who is making his directorial debut through the movie. It is noted that Chan wrote the script for the original ATV series.

“Yes, the production had gone over the limit of the schedule and budget because we didn’t want to just do things haphazardly just to chase the deadline. I am thankful that the cast and crew are very united in this,” he said.

Chan stated that the scheduling issue meant that some of the actors have to check their schedules so that they can find time to get back to filming.

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The cast and crew of ‘My Date with a Vampire’

When asked if the investors are willing to give more money to the production, the director said that he will have to do the editing first to see how many actual days of production they need before he can talk to the investors.

“I am shooting the movie of my dreams, so you know how great the pressure is. But I do enjoy it and I am happy to have such a great team,” he said.

The upcoming movie stars Bosco Wong, Jacky Chai, Rosita Kwok and Annie Liu among others.

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The original series was aired in 1998

(Photo Source: On CC)