Liza Soberano is now the new Filipino face for the Korean skincare brand, Deoproce.

The news was shared by Deoproce Philippines last week, with Angie Goyena, president of iFace, Inc., which distributes Deoproce in the Philippines, saying, “Deoproce is an exceptional Korean brand, gaining international momentum. We felt we had to find not just a face, but a personality to match the brand.”

“We felt a similar excitement when Liza’s name was brought up. She’s taking on international roles in Hollywood and other bold career moves, plus the way she takes care of her skin. Deoproce and Liza seemed a perfect match,” she added.

Liza wrapped up her Hollywood debut movie, “Lisa Frankenstein”, which stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, back in September.

Speaking about the brand, the actress stated, “My beauty routine is quite simple. I’ve made a conscious effort to keep it minimal given my busy schedule these days. Late nights can really take a toll on my skin. And this is why Deoproce is perfect for me. Its amazing ingredients are really working overtime to enhance my skin’s vitality.”

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Liza has been spreading her wings lately outside of PH