Veteran actor Lau Dan recently addressed the latest rumours pertaining to son Hawick Lau, his new girlfriend Li Xiaofeng, and ex-wife Yang Mi.

As reported on HK01, the Hong Kong actor, who attended a Christmas event to promote his series, smiled when asked about the rumour that his granddaughter Noemie did not like the mainland actress and her “boyish” haircut, saying that the two have never even met.

“That’s just funny. There is nothing like that. Just laugh it off. There is so much to think about, so just laugh it off,” he said.

Lau was also asked about another rumour regarding his former daughter-in-law Yang Mi, that the Chinese star would get custody of Noemie if Hawick were to marry Li, which is why the actor reportedly has no intention to remarry.

To that, Lau stressed that Hawick and Yang Mi had no such agreement during marriage or following the divorce.

“We are Buddhist, and there are many things we can’t do, including hurt people. We do not get angry, and that is why we are not affected by fake news,” he added.

Cherry Li
Li Xiaofeng has not met Hawick’s daughter

(Photo Source: HK01Cherry Li Weibo)