Jacquelin Ch’ng has recently made her first appearance in public since her divorce from husband of two years.

The Malaysian-born actress, who appeared in TVB City on 13 December, seemed to be in a good mood as she spoke to the media, telling them that she is doing fine now.

“Everything that needed to be dealt with have already been dealt with. It’s just that it happened too fast at the time and I was a little confused. I am okay now,” she said.

When asked who filed for divorce first, Jacquelin said that it was her ex-husband.

“It’s hard to talk about the past. I am just looking forward to the future,” she added.

As to the reason for the divorce, Jacquelin said that it was due to irreconcilable differences, the fact that they have different views and values and the fact that they live away from each other.

“We were married for more than two years, but had only been together for half a year. We didn’t see each other for a year due to the pandemic,” she added. “We didn’t get the time to get along and know each other. It takes time to manage a relationship.”

Asked if the experience has made her afraid of getting married again, Jacquelin said no, but that she won’t be thinking about tying the knot again for the time being.

Jacquelin tied the knot with Taiwanese bubble tea chain CEO named Brian Yang back in 2019. News of their divorce came in November this year.

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The actress is sister to model Lisa Ch’ng

(Photo Source: Jacquelin Ch’ng IG)