Hiromi Wada recently revealed that she is looking for her long-lost father, of whom she hasn’t seen since she was 12.

The actress first expressed her desire to find her father in a social media post shared on 12 December, where she shared two photos of her with her dad.

She wrote, “My father Tomohisa Wada is six foot tall and is from Ibaraki, Japan. If you see him, please contact me.”

She later revealed that someone has forwarded her a Twitter account of a man who has her childhood photo as its profile photo. Hiromi stated that she decided to open a Twitter account in hopes to see if the said account is real.

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Hiromi shared two photos of her with her father during her childhood

However, a majority of her Instagram followers cautioned her to be careful of interacting with a fake account.

At the same time, Hiromi has continued to share photos from her childhood on social media in hopes that she will be able to find her father.

Such method has worked in the past. Back in 2018, Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, who shared an old photo of his mother and his long-lost father Frederick William Perry, succeeded in finding his half-brothers David and John Perry. Perry Sr., sadly, had passed away in 1988.

Anthony Wong previously found his half-brothers while searching for his long-lost dad

(Photo Source: Hiromi Wada IG, BBC)