Although she has no plans to return to acting anytime soon, Gigi Lai stated that she is not saying no to the possibility of making a comeback when she is way older.

The actress-turned-businesswoman, most known for her performance in “Young and Dangerous”, shared recently that she still has a habit of imagining how she would play a role whenever she is watching a movie.

“I would sometimes think, how would I approach this role? But the thing is, in reality, I can’t do both [taking care of the family and being an actor]. So now, I can only fantasise about doing a role,” she said.

Asked if she will consider returning to the industry when her daughters are older, Gigi smiled and said, “I might be playing the role of mother-in-law at that time, but I don’t mind. Acting is endless. I can resume when I am in my 80s and 90s.”

She also revealed that her daughters are not interested in watching her old movies.

“They don’t even know about Young and Dangerous,” she added.

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The actress seen here with Carina Lau at the K11 Night event

(Photo Source: Gigi Lai IG)