Film student Shao Qing, who was recently accused of dating Jenny Zhang’s husband Mai Chao, has recently denied once and for all the rumours linking her to him.

On 22 December, Shao posted a long response regarding the rumour, saying that she only met Mai Chao this year, and that there was nothing between the two of them.

Stating that she would be blamed for everything if she continued to keep quiet, Shao stated that the photos and videos posted about her with Mai Chao last year were not her at all as she only became acquainted with Jenny’s husband this year and had met him only twice.

“As you said, how can I compare with a goddess, and how can he like me? As soon as the news came out, I immediately wanted to clarify. This is the first time such a thing happened to me. I am just an ordinary college student. I have no connections nor do I have a public relations team,” she said.

Shao also stated that she didn’t know how to deal with the sudden attention towards her, especially since people were spewing negative comments about her and her family. Making things worse was the fact that everybody turned on her, and her address and social media accounts were also doxxed by irresponsible people.

“I was in fear, panic, I had insomnia and low self-esteem. It had seriously affected my life,” she added.

Rumours of Mai having an affair sparked in November, when the paparazzi released a video of him meeting up with a woman at a hotel at 2 in the morning. Netizens later revealed that the woman in question was Beijing Film Academy student named Shao Qing.

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The couple have two children together

(Photo Source: CPopHome)