A few days after announcing her first pregnancy, Elanne Kong recently opened up about the hardships she went through in trying to get pregnant.

The actress, who shared her story on social media recently, stated that she and husband Oscar Siu have longed to have a baby for four years, and that they have sought various treatments, from both western and traditional medicine.

Elanne stated that she suspected that the problem came from her, as she previously found out she had teratoma a few years back.

“I was very busy with work at the time, so I wanted to deal with it later. I didn’t get the surgery.”

It was not until after marriage that after failing many times to conceive, her doctor revealed that the teratoma had grown a lot. “It also blocked my right fallopian tube. If I didn’t have an operation immediately, the chance of my pregnancy is very low.”

Elanne Kong shares her journey to pregnancy, celeb asia, elanne kong, theHive.Asia
 The baby’s ultrasound image on the tree

On the other hand, Oscar revealed that following a medical examination, he found out that he was also part of the problem.

“After the examination, I found that my sperms were not very active. At that time, I asked the doctor if there was any solution, but he said there was no solution. After that, I decided to exercise. Many thought I wanted to lose weight for the sake of appearance, but in fact I wanted to be healthy as a person, to prove to the doctor who said that there was no remedy,” he said.

He stated that after changing his living habits, he went to have another medical examination and was told that the sperm motility has become normal again.

Elanne and Oscar, who tied the knot in 2018, announced their first pregnancy on Christmas Eve.

Elanne Kong shares her journey to pregnancy, celeb asia, elanne kong, theHive.Asia
Elanne and Oscar are elated that they will soon become

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