Donnie Yen has recently denied rumours that his directorial effort “Sakra” costs more than RMB 200 million.

The actor, who spoke to the media on the red carpet of the K11 Night event alongside wife Cissy Wang, couldn’t help but expressed surprise over the question about the budget, saying, “Do you think I’m Chen Kaige or Zhang Yimou? Low production cost does not mean that I can’t shoot a good movie.”

Donnie also stated that he is very lucky to have a good team that enabled him to shoot the movie on a very tight schedule, and work with great actors including Cya Liu and Kara Hui.

Asked when the movie will be released, the actor stated that it will be announced by the production company.

“I am currently busy with post-production work. The movie uses a lot of CG effects. I have nine different chat groups on my mobile phone. I wake up at 5 every morning and start communicating with them, issuing orders, and it will go on like that until the lights go off,” he said. gif maker 10 1
Donnie has been busy working on ‘Sakra’

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Instagram)