Celebrity couple Deng Chao and Sun Li have been cast to dub the lead characters of James Cameron’s upcoming epic, “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

As reported on Epoch Times, the two stars will be voicing Jake Sully and Neytiri, the two characters who in this movie will already form a family and become parents.

Such character settings fit very well with Deng and Sun, who are one of the few famous couples whose lives revolve around their family.

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The couple are most known for their family life

In addition to the two, other actors lending their voices include Huang Xuan and Zhang Ziyi.

“Avatar 2” is scheduled to be released in all formats such as 3D, IMAX 3D, CINITY in China simultaneously with North America on 16 December.

It is reported that the film has become the first Disney film to land on Chinese screens since 2019.

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Deng Chao to voice Jack Sully

(Photo Source: China Press, Dahuawang)