Dee Hsu recently dismissed the notion that she was affected by the allegations made by former brother-in-law Wang Xiaofei about her husband.

As reported on NetEase, the TV personality, who has been silent on the rumour that her husband has an illegitimate child with another woman and reportedly has many girlfriends in Shanghai, recently posted a new photo of herself attending Kevin Tsai’s art exhibition.

She wrote, “‘Actually, it’s alright’ is my favourite sentence.”

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The TV personality shares this photo of her at an art exhibition

A netizen then left a message that read, “No matter how miserable the family life is, you have to come out and meet people with a smile.” However, surprisingly, Dee decided to respond with a comment saying, “I’m not miserable. I am very happy. Those who believe it, believe it. Those who don’t, I’m too lazy to waste my words.”

She also responded to another fan who stated that outsiders have no right to interfere in other people’s lives, writing, “Thank you for giving me such a positive strength.”

This is not the first time that Mike has been accused of cheating on Dee. Back in August, veteran paparazzo Ge Siqi claimed that the businessman was photographed having drinks with three women at a nightclub.

Then, Wang Xiaofei, who earlier had a very public spat with Dee’s sister and his ex-wife Barbie Hsu, accused Mike of having several girlfriends in Shanghai. The latest was last week, when a mainland influencer shared a nine-second clip on Weibo of a man resembling Mike in a club with a woman on his arms, captioning it, “Her husband really likes to play.” gif maker 2 4
Dee and husband Mike have three children together

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu IG, Netease News)