Two weeks after announcing their relationship, Taiwanese actor Darren Wang and Malaysian singer Joey Chua finally shared the story of their romance with the public.

The lovebirds, who met while filming the reality show, “A Journey for Love”, recently appeared together on another show, “Letting Love Stay Alive”, where they attracted attention with their chemistry and athleticism.

Speaking about their relationship, Darren admitted that his life was a bit lonely since his mother’s sudden passing back in 2020, stating that his father is rarely at home due to work since he was a child. He added that being with Joey made him feel like he has a family again.

On the other hand, Joey stated that she didn’t have a lot of friends, and it was Darren who would take her out and take care of her when she is away from home.

Darren stated that after the two started to get to know each other, he realised that he began to miss Joey when he went back to Taiwan for more than two months. Throughout the period, the actor said that he continued to keep in touch with the singer, and finally asked Joey to be his girlfriend.

Joey stated, “I thought it was a joke at first. But then I thought it really moved me, so then well, let’s be together.”

The couple indirectly confirmed their relationship earlier this month, when they shared a similar photo for the said reality show, with Joey captioning it, “Is there any sport that my boyfriend can’t excel at?” and tagged Darren in it. Darren responded with a similar post, switching the word boyfriend to girlfriend.

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Awww .. what a cute couple

(Photo Source: Darren Wang IG, Joey Chua IG, Oriental Daily)