If it looks like Chen Xiao has been very quiet in the past couple of years, it is because he intended to have a quiet life.

In a recent interview with Lu Yu, the mainland actor stated that since he married actress Michelle Chen in 2016, he would turn down promotional work and other unrelated gigs just to focus on acting and his time with family.

His low profile is also partly due to his reduced interaction with netizens, separation of work and personal life, and his refusal to share personal things online.

“I don’t want to explain all outside speculation and rumours about my married life,” he said. “Michelle and I agreed very early on that we would not pay attention to the opinions of the outside world, and just live our own lives.”

As to comments made by netizens that he seemed to be dull after marriage, Chen said that he admires netizens’ “rich imagination” and will not get mad about that.

The couple tied the knot in 2016, two years after meeting on the set of “The Romance of Condor Heroes”. The couple are parents to son Chen Muchen.

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Chen tied the knot with Michelle Chen after working together in ‘The Romance of Condor Heroes’

(Photo Source: Chen Xiao Fanpage IG, SMD)