C AllStar member King Wu surprised many recently by announcing that he is already married and have a six-month old baby.

The singer and his group members announced the news recently during the Let it Snow C AllStar Love 2022 concert in West Kowloon, with the singer saying that he has been “promoted” to the title of father with the birth of his first son.

He expressed, “To be honest, I really love children. For the past year, I have started my own family, and this is my little son. I wanted to make it public and I think today is a good day, and I hope to get blessings from the audience.”

Speaking to the media after the concert, King revealed that he married his non-showbiz girlfriend a year ago. However, the wedding could not be held due to the pandemic.

“My wife and I met during the epidemic. Over the past two years, she has supported me. My son’s name is Analog, and his Chinese name is Wu Yaluo. My son is very sensitive to music and I am very happy that he is so obedient and easy to get along with. I have already learned how to feed him, and changing diapers is my expertise now,” he said.

Asked if the other members knew about his new family life, King said everybody already knew, and that they planned to share the news on Christmas.

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The quartet held a performance after so long

(Photo Source: HK01, King Wu IG)