Annie Yi has recently made her first appearance since denying rumours of marital woe with husband Qin Hao at an event in Taiwan, where she addressed the said misunderstanding.

As reported on Tencent, the singer-actress, whose actor husband was photographed holding a woman’s hand during a dinner party back in September, explained that she was not at all affected by it and trusts Qin very much.

“The woman is a friend of mine, and shaking hands is an etiquette between friends,” she said.

As for the recent video on Douyin that she posted of her supposedly crying, Annie stated that she was just testing an effect that the app has.

“Qin is a Taurean who loves silently in his heart. For eight years, he tolerated me jumping up and down and doing whatever I like. He allows me to be myself and vice versa. We have a good tacit understanding,” she said.

As for the rumours surrounding 20-year-old Harrison who is currently studying in the States, her son with ex-husband Harlem Yu, and his proclivity of dressing in drag, Annie said that both she and Harlem let Harrison do whatever he wants.

“Whatever he wants to do, I will accept and respect his choices,” she added. gif maker 10
Annie’s son Harrison has a fondness dressing in drag

(Photo Source: Annie Yi IG, Radii)