If he can revamp his hit movie “Infernal Affairs”, Andy Lau would like to turn it into a musical.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor shared his thoughts about the movie recently, as he attended the premiere of the 4K restored version of the movie to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Speaking to the media about the film, Andy said, “I have always considered turning it into a musical. But I have to figure out how to convince the audience why I want to do a musical or a stage play with it.”

However, Andy said that he has no exact timeline as to when he would do such a project.

“Of course, I will participate in it [if it comes to fruition], but not necessarily in the original role. Other roles are fine too,” he added.

Meanwhile, Andrew Lau, who co-directed the movie with Alan Mak, stated that a classic like “Infernal Affairs” should not have more than three instalments, though would have no qualms working with the same team again for a different project.

On the other hand, when asked whether he has plans to hold another concert tour now that his colleagues have begun applying for concert venues, Andy said that he will think about it.

“My work has been scheduled until the second half of the year. But I have thought about holding some simple live performances,” he said.

‘Infernal Affairs’ stars Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IG)