Zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang Lan seem to be butting heads when it comes to the mainland businessman, after the actress seemingly decided to declare that they are dating.

As reported on CTWant, the 26-year-old actress, who has been romantically linked to Wang for months and was even accused of being the third party in his previous marriage with Barbie Hsu, recently took to Weibo and expressed her concern over Wang’s mental stress over the issue between him and his ex-wife.

“All I can do is appease his emotions and stop letting him touch his phone or watch the news. I have been persuading him all the time not to express emotions and talk about family affairs on public platforms. I hope from the bottom of my heart that he is well,” she added.

Yingying also added that while it is inappropriate for her to be involved in his family affairs, she hopes Wang can finally find his happiness.

The post seemed to be an indirect confirmation of their relationship, though Wang’s mother begged to differ.

In a recent live session, Wang’s mother likened her to a bug, saying that she doesn’t want to squish it but does not approve.

Yingying doesn’t seem to care, though, as she later posted a photo of her with Wang on Douyin with the caption, “Big friend and Little Friend”, which Wang then commented, “Thanks, Little Friend.”

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Zhang Lan (left) with former daughter-in-law Barbie Hsu and Barbie’s mum, Huang Chun-Mei (right)

(Photo Source: Netease News, Sin Chew)