Zanilia Zhao’s upcoming series, “Wild Bloom” is set to be aired beginning 27 November.

As reported on NetEase, the news was shared by the studio and reposted by Zanilia herself on Weibo, writing, “Let the wind blows… watch it together on 27 November.”

The series has had such a high degree of attention since it was first announced earlier this year due to the list of actors involved, from Zanilia, Ou Hao, and Li Guangjie, to veterans like Liu Wei, Ke Lan and Ren Zhong, and new generation actors like Sun Qian.

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Zanilia says she didn’t gain weight specifically for the series

However, Zanilia also made headlines for her work in the series due to her weight gain, as seen in previous promotional photos.

She later responded to the media that she didn’t gain weight for the project, but while working on the series.

In “Wild Bloom”, Zanilia plays the role of Xu Banxia, who, along with her good friends Xiao Chen and Tong Xiaoqi, venture into the business of transporting scrap steel.

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‘Wild Bloom’ to be aired beginning 27 November

Photo Source: SINA)