While she used to be one of the biggest stars in mainland China, Yang Mi seemed to have not done well this year in terms of her dramas, as her latest one has been blasted by viewers for being nothing new.

The actress, who plays the role of a lawyer in “She and Her Perfect Husband”, was recently criticised for her performance in the drama, which has continued to receive negative reviews and declined in ratings.

A large number of netizens pointed out that the plot was outrageous, especially when it comes to Yang’s character, who breaks the law despite knowing the law, as well as having no chemistry at all with her co-star Xu Kai.

Viewers stated that there is no chemistry between Yang Mi and Xu Kai

The new series has Yang’s character, who is a lawyer specialising in family law, faking a marriage in order to get promoted. She then meets the young Yang Hua (played by Xu Kai), with whom she makes a deal with to play her fake husband.

Users of the review site Douban slammed the plot of the story, calling it lazy and insulting to the intelligence of audiences, with a majority of the users saying that Yang’s performance was hard to watch and that she was “too old” to star in an idol drama at 36.

Despite the criticisms, Yang recently told the media that she will continue to be involved in a variety of dramas.

“I will shoot something different, something which you haven’t seen before. I want to try more genres, so please look forward to it,” she enthused. It is noted that Yang’s peers have already moved on to more serious roles, including Zanilia Zhao, who opted for the gritty drama, “Wild Bloom”.

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Zanilia Zhao chose a more serious role as she enters her mid 30s

(Photo Source: EastDay, Netease News)