Wu Jing, who has always been seen as one of the most patriotic Chinese stars alive, has recently irked his countrymen.

For supposedly owning an Apple iPhone.

As reported on Sohu, netizens recently noticed a peculiarity in the recent broadcast of the Golden Rooster Awards, when Wu can be seen taking a photo of his “The Wandering Earth 2” co-star Andy Lau, who appeared on stage to present an award.

Netizens noticed that the actor is using an iPhone

Wu, who seemed excited to take the photos and receiving laughs from the audiences, seemed to forget about his phone, and netizens noticed that based on the placement of the phone’s camera lenses, the actor was using Apple’s latest iPhone 14 PRO MAX.

To make things worse, Wu himself is a brand ambassador of the partially state-owned ZTE mobile phone, and has always updated his social media accounts using ZTE models.

Despite the blunder, many of his fans still defended the actor, saying that endorsing one brand does not mean that the actor cannot use a different brand personally.

ZTE has yet to respond to the controversy.

Wu Jing is the spokesperson for ZTE

(Photo Source: NTDTV, SOHU)