Win Metawin and Baifern are starring in the Thai remake of the hit Korean drama, “Gangnam Beauty”.

The series, which has been renamed “Beauty Newbie”, will have Baifern playing the role of Prima Paspimol (or Kang Mi-Rae in the Korean version), the insecure protagonist that was originally played by Im Soo-Hyang.

Meanwhile, Win will play the wealthy campus heartthrob Karin Sayapisit, originally played by Cha Eun-Woo.

Among other cast members include Great Sapol and Fah Yongwaree.

The original series, released in 2018, is based on the webtoon, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” published in 2016, which tells the story of a college student who underwent cosmetic surgery to evade derision from her bullies, only to find it backfiring as she began to get ridiculed for her ‘artificial beauty’.

The upcoming Thai remake will be released in 2023.

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The Korean original series was released in 2018

(Photo Source: ABS-CBN, Pink Villa)