Viva Artists Agency is backing Debbie Garcia, who seeks legal action against Barbie Imperial for a previous confrontation.

On 2 November, VAA released a statement saying that it will not condone any acts of violence and will stand by Debbie in her decision to take legal action against her attacker. The alleged attacker was not named.

“Debbie is set to lodge a complaint against the other person with the assistance of her counsel on 2 November 2022. VAA believes that Debbie has been at the receiving end of physical and verbal attacks in the said incident,” the statement read.

“VAA however kindly asks the public to refrain from further circulating copies of the video recording of the said incident on social media and allow the matter to be resolved legally.”

Previously, it was reported that Debbie filed three complaints against Barbie before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office, which is slight physical injury, grave oral defamation, and grave slander, following an incident at a gastropub in Quezon City on 28 October.

A clip has also gone viral of the said incident, which was captured on CCTV at the gastropub.

Barbie has yet to address the matter at the time of writing.

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Barbie had chosen to dress up as Chucky for Halloween

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