After winning left and right for her performance in “Decision to Leave”, Tang Wei is nominated again in yet another prestigious awards in Korea.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Chinese actress has recently been nominated in the Best Actress category at the 43rd Blue Dragon Awards, making it her second nomination since 2011’s “Late Autumn”, the movie that united her with husband Kim Tae-Yong.

This time, Tang is nominated for her performance in the Park Chan-Wook movie.

It is noted that she has already won Best Actress at three Korean awards – the 27th Chunsa International Film Festival, also known as the Chunsa Film Art Awards, the 31st Buil Film Awards, and the 42nd Korean Association of Film Critics’ Awards.

The actress is set to compete for the accolade with her four other Korean nominees – Park So-Dam (“Special Delivery”), Yum Jung-Ah (“Life Is Beautiful – 2020”), Yoona (“Confidential Assignment 2: International”), and Chun Woo-Hee (“The Anchor”).

The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2022 will take place at KBS Hall in Yeoeuido, Seoul, on 25 November. gif maker 5
Tang Wei with director Park Chan-Wook and co-star Park Hae-Il in Cannes

(Photo Source: Variety, Vogue HK)