A recent survey proves that Zanilia Zhao and Sun Li are truly the queens of period dramas.

As reported on Sohu, according to the ratings data of CSM50, which ranked the top ten period dramas with the highest average viewership ratings in the past 14 years, revealed that three of the dramas listed starred Zanilia in the lead.

These are 2017’s “Princess Agents” which at eighth place has 1.74 percent average viewership, 2013’s “Female Prime Minister” (also known as “Legend of Lu Zhen”) in seventh place with 1.94 percent viewership, and “The Journey of Flower”, that had 2.12 percent viewership at sixth place.

Zanilia Zhao in ‘The Journey of Flower’
Sun Li stars in ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’

Though she has the most dramas ranked in the top ten, Zanilia still failed to surpass Sun Li, who, despite only having two in the list, both dramas were ranked the third (“Nothing Gold Can Stay”) and second (“The Legend of Mi Yue”) in the list, with the latter losing to Fan Bingbing’s “The Empress of China” by less than 0.1 percent.

Many are surprised to see that Sun’s most popular drama, “The Legend of Zhen Huan” is not in the list.  However, it is noted that the only reason for that was that it first aired on a regional channel, Shaoxing News and online before it was picked up by national TV channels.

Fan Bingbing’s ‘The Empress of China’ has the highest average viewership

The list is as follows:

1. The Empress of China (2.97%)

2. The Legend of Mi Yue (2.8%)

3. Nothing Gold Can Stay (2.56%)

4. Palace (2.54%)

5. Palace II (2.4%)

6. The Journey of Flower (2.12%)

7. Female Prime Minister (1.9%)

8. Princess Agents (1.74%)

9. Mystery in the Palace (1.7%)

10. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (1.69%)

(Photo Source: China.org.cn, China Daily, SOHU)