Sammi Cheng recently revealed that she was actually not paid for her new movie, “Lost Love”.

The actress, who attended the screening of the movie, which was the closing film for the 19th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, shared that she loved the story so much that she was willing to do it for free for the first time in her career.

“I think it has a good script. Hong Kong films have helped me a lot and I’ve always tried to find a way to give back. So, when the opportunity arisen, I decided to take it,” she said.

She also stated that her character Mei in the movie is very interesting, as she plays a woman trying to get over the death of her young son through becoming a foster parent.

Asked if she will be pressured to see the movie doing well at the box office, Sammi responded, “The most important things for me is to have the audience be moved by the storyline and understand foster families better.”

As to whether she would do more movies with zero pay, the actress said that she has no issue with doing so if she likes the story and the characters.

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Sammi plays a foster mother in ‘Lost Love’

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng IG, HK01)