Louis Koo was recently awarded the Asian Film Industry Outstanding Achievement Award at the London East Asia Film Festival 2022.

The actor-producer shared the good news on social media, saying that he was elated to be honoured with the award while promoting his sci-fi flick, “Warriors of Future”, which was the festival’s closing film.

During his speech, Louis did not forget to mourn the loss of lives in the recent crowd rush tragedy that occurred in South Korea, saying, “In every event, be it big or small, I always hope to bring joy to the audience. But this tragedy made me feel very sad.”

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Louis expressed his sadness over the Itaewon tragedy

On the other hand, Louis also expressed hope that he will be able to bring more good films in the future after making his first sci-fi film through “Warriors of Future”, which is a box office hit.

In related news, Louis revealed that he was also reunited with child actress Keira Wang, who was one of the few child actors from his 2015 movie, “Little Big Master”. Keira is revealed to be studying in the UK and was excited to meet “Brother Tung Tung” again, referring to Louis’ character in the movie.

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Louis reunited with his ‘Little Big Master’ co-star Keira Wang

(Photo Source: London East Asia Film Festival Twitter, Louis Koo Instagram)