Korean actress Lee Young-Ae recently offered to lend a helping hand to the family of one 25-year-old foreign victim of the recent Itaewon tragedy.

On 3 November, the actress, through the Korea Welfare Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, revealed that she would like to support Yuliana Park’s family, whose daughter was one of the four Russian victims in the crowd rush that occurred on 29 October. Yuliana was an ethnic Korean whose family has been residing in Russia.

Earlier, Yuliana’s family shared with the media that they weren’t able to repatriate her body back to Russia in time for her funeral – where her mother desperately wants to see her for the last time – due to the hefty cost.

It is noted that around US$5,000 is needed to bring their daughter home.

The Park family plans to hold the funeral service in Yuliana’s hometown of Primorsky Krai in Vladivostok, and that the ferry that departs from Korea’s Donghae port for Vladivostok that will transport the body only comes in once every Friday.

They will have to wait another week if they miss the ferry on 4 November.

It is noted that the “Jewel in the Palace” actress is currently head of the Advisory Committee on Culture and the Arts for the foundation.

There were 26 foreign victims from 14 different countries in the tragedy that killed 156 people, but only seven bodies have been successfully repatriated to their home countries as of 3 November.

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A photo of Juliana at the site of the tragedy
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156 people died in the tragic crowd rush that occurred in Itaewon district of Seoul

(Photo Source: Korea JoongAng Daily, All Kpop)